Complicated genetic data is simplified and summarized into an easy-to-read format. The most popular being your “Macro-Wheel” which is a pie chart that identifies your unique daily macronutrient percentages: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Your Macro- Wheel explains what is best for your body genetically in order to support healthy repair of tissues and organs, the building of lean muscle, and provide a stable and sustainable energy source.


  • Posture – Poor posture does far more than just affect how you look when you are standing or sitting. It can reduce your strength, impair your balance, and potentially lead to other physical problems over time. Posture problems can start before your teen years and by the time you reach middle age your posture may change, and you may experience chronic pain as a result.  Targeted exercise programs aimed at improving posture has shown to be effective in older adults.

    Complete a full-body movement assessment in less than 30 seconds.  Results are delivered on screen and via email. The Posture Trend Analysis is an objective quantitative document to track long term postural assessments to gauge trends and changes over time. Posture comparisons can be used as side by side comparisons from any prior postural assessments in order to track changes in your posture.  All joint angles and linear displacements including predicted head weight forces are compared. Movement Screen Comparisons of any Squat Screen or Push-Up/Plank Screen can be compared to generate objective documentation in PDF format.  Videos can also be displayed with side by side comparisons to better demonstrate qualitative movement changes in functional screen allowing for better care and client education.

    Improving and sustaining quality of movement will boost your physical, mental, and emotional health. Moreover, science has repeatedly shown that proper movement can ward off disease, increase quality of life, improve fitness levels, help people lose weight, reduce mortality risk and much more.